Cashmere Blankets fit for a Royal

I love a good cashmere blanket - and I'm in love with these cashmere blankets from JG Switzer!!
Cashmere is well known as the most luxurious & expensive wool. It's famous for its durability and longevity. It is incredibly soft and lightweight. Amongst any other luxury wool, cashmere is known to be the softest and finest.
I got the Hollywood Ava blanket from this list. What I love about the blanket beyond how it looks and feels of course (which I'm in love with) - is that they're a blend of cashmere and lambswool.
This I think only adds to the goodness - by keeping the price as competitive as possible, as far as cashmere blankets go. I've had a cashmere blanket which was over $2000 - compared to which this one is a steal!
I think these blankets are milled in England, at one of the oldest operating mills in the world. If I remember correctly this mill also supplies to Windsor Castle! Who knows - maybe the queen and me are using a similar cashmere blanket! 😊